Ikea fixes that make all the difference

Moving out of home for the first time, my first rental flat was bound to be a bit sparse especially as the rooms were huge and the ceilings super tall (helloooo expensive heating bill). Until a few weeks ago, I had all of the basic furniture and a few knick-knacks from home scattered about. With a few more bits and pieces after Christmas, I ventured to the Mecca that is Ikea  to pick up a few extra things to finish it off.

I was really surprised how much of a difference they make, my flat now feels a lot more like a proper home and less like I’m camping here temporarily! Below are some of the items I picked up; let me know below what your favourite quick fixes are for making your space even homier.



The kitchen is painted a dark grey which, whilst I love the colour, means it can be quite dark and the single window means it’s not the perfect place for a plant to thrive… These three succulents (basic, I know) and their pots add some freshness to the kitchen shelves and (hopefully) are unlikely to die on me!

Living Room


I love side-lighting and this black floor lamp fits in well. I wasn’t completely certain in the shop (it was expensive and they only had the white version on display) but I think it finishes off the room nicely! I also picked up this set of two vases.



I’m fortunate to have a huge bedroom but only had a bed, some clothes storage and two old painted tables so it was looking sparse. These two bedside tables have made all the difference, (I feel like a real grownup!) and the bedside lamps add a pop of colour. I bought a few of these vases when I first moved in for only 50 pence each; they’re great for putting a couple of flower stems in to brighten up a room. I also picked up a few picture frames, I have always liked white frames, finding them clean and simple and these were not expensive at all – perfect!



The last room is the bathroom: looking for something to add a bit of decoration to an otherwise very white room, the stool comes in quite a few colours (black, white and birch) but I think the birch adds a nice bit of colour (and is very useful for home fitness sessions!). Just like the kitchen, the Aloe Vera plant keeps things fresh.


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