Three simple ways to improve your mental wellbeing

Improving my mental health and wellbeing has been at the forefront of my mind of late. Quite often I have found my mind to be a messy jumble that I cannot clear. Since recognising the longer term effects of such a mind state, I’ve been doing my best to take moments of calm, to try and focus on the present and look after myself. Here are three small and simple things which have helped bring moments of peace and positivity.


Fresh faced beauty

Having little tendency to reach for a glass of water, my skin is often dry and uneven in colour. I have tried really hard recently to wash, hydrate and moisturise my skin morning and night. I’ve found using a hydrating serum has made my skin softer and feel plumper and healthier. Cleaning off make up earlier on in the evening means I’m more likely to clean it properly than I would in a sleepy state just before bed.

On weekend days where I’m not doing much or just popping out to the supermarket, I haven’t reached for concealer or foundation, wanting to give my skin a chance to breathe. By the time I step out the door, I’ve completely forgotten I have no make up on and what is lovely is that when I do remember, I really don’t care.

I might not be completely there yet, but I am definitely a step closer to being comfortable with my own skin.



Breathe Magazine

I saw this magazine on Instagram a while back and subsequently hunted it out in my local WH Smith. It was rather pricey but upon reading, totally worth it. Articles are sectioned into wellbeing, living, mindfulness, creativity and escaping. It has no adverts and is packed full of beautiful illustrations. I took to reading one or two articles before going to sleep each night, keeping me off my phone and clearing my mind.

In this issue, I’ve particularly liked two articles. The first entitled ‘A sense of guilt’ looks at self-guilt and how the mind can make us feel guilty for the smallest of matters including taking time for ourselves. The second ‘Escaping alone’ is about just that: having the courage to step out by yourself whether its to a museum, to the cinema or out to a cafe for a slice of cake. The first topic of negative self-judgement is a real issue for me at the moment whereas the second is something I seem to have lost and wish to regain: feeling comfortable in my own company.



Upping the greenery

Living alone, my flat can often feel a little lifeless and returning back after Easter I had a real desire to get some plants to fill the space. Whilst I do love having little vases of flowers everywhere, you can’t beat a bushy green plant to bring a bit of freshness to a room. A visit to the garden centre (and a slice of cake) later and I have a few new ferns and palms to brighten up my home.

I am notoriously terrible at plant parenting but so far so good. Here’s hoping I’ve turned over a new leaf.


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