The Alex Project – February & March

It’s been far too long since I spent some time on this small speck of the internet but the last couple of months have been so full of exciting things that I didn’t want them to go by unaccounted. As I said in my January update, this is mostly just a record for myself to look back on and remember all the fun things I did each month.


February was a lovely month, spent either in Bristol or back home in Devon. My weeks were pleasantly filled (but still with room to veg out on the sofa every now and then!). Halfway through the month I went to Wales for the first time (which for a Devon girl, is quite odd). We stayed in Pembrokeshire and spent the weekend walking the cliffs, eating lots of cheese and giggling. It was such a lovely weekend that just thinking back on it makes me happy!

My worklife consisted of a trip to an army base (very cool), a bakesale (all the cake!) and hosting a work experience student. This was my first experience of ‘managing’ someone and it was terrifying: the moment they sit down on Monday morning and you just think ‘what the hell am I going to do with you all week?!’. I have a newfound appreciation for every intern/graduate manager!

February was also pancake day and we spent the evening eating lots of savoury and sweet pancakes and playing Rapidough (reigning champions, hollaaa). I still can’t make paper thin crepes for the life of me but they still tasted delicious full of nutella and banana.


March was a huge month for me. I will start by saying I have never travelled anywhere abroad on my own before but in March I flew to Australia! For me, that is crazy and I am very proud of myself. My brother lives on the Gold Coast near Brisbane so I went and visited him for two weeks. We travelled up to Fraser Island which was again very cool, driving through the sand and along the beach, huge sand dunes and the most beautiful lake, Lake Mackenzie. We also climbed Mount Warning (the rock climb at the end? Terrifying.) and visited a very wet Sydney. It was an amazing trip and I’m so glad I did it, it was also very nice to spend time with my brother and see what his life is like out there. It is very enviable: beaches, good weather and of course good food.

We made a video of our trip using a GoPro and his drone and it’s so great to watch it back every now and then and remember all the things we did! Unfortunately it meant we didn’t take many actual photos, something my family were less impressed about when we got back!

The rest of March was spent recovering, I’ve just started a big project at work which required three weeks of training at the start so I went from beautiful beaches one day, straight to a windowless computer room the next. It was a hit to the system but thankfully it is with other grads so we had a good laugh over the weeks.

The final thing I remember distinctly from March was going to see Beauty & The Beast. Oh my goodness me, it is incredible. My friend and I couldn’t stop talking it for a solid hour afterwards, I was even crying at the end because it made me so happy and I was so sad it was over..

Ok, now that I’ve shared that highly embarrassing fact on the internet I am going to leave this update here. Here’s to April, I wonder if it will be as good…

Spoilers: it’s definitely up there.


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