The Alex Project – January

The Life

For me, January has been such a good start to 2017. I’ve squeezed lots in and feel like I’ve barely sat still. There have been big family get togethers, a cinema trip to La La Land, a games night and a doolally arts and crafts session, a night out (aht aht!) and an impromptu sleepover, and even a trip to laser quest (thankfully no eight-year-olds in sight).

This month I somehow ended up being interviewed on the radio about being a woman in engineering which was crazy but hilarious to look back on. I went to my first Goodgym session and had a weekend away at Bovey Castle in Devon (room service, afternoon tea, spa facial, big open fires and comfy sofas – the dream). I’ve also just gotten back from a trip to Bath with my Mum which was really lovely. I might write about some of these things soon – there’s too much to pack in to one post!

January - The Life

The Food

Booting this blog back up has reminded me how much I enjoy cooking and food photography. I’ve been experimenting with my camera and love love love this shot of some very yummy cookies! Off camera, I’ve perfected coleslaw, made a debut vegetarian mousakka, cooked Bolognese for the first time in about 10 years of avoiding it. There’s also been so much soup: pea and ham (which is too good not to share on here next time I make it), red pepper (horrible!) and minestrone (delicious!).

I attempted Deliciously Ella’s black bean brownies and can confidently and categorically say that I will never ever make them again – I feel so bad for everyone I made try them, very sorry. But I also made our family’s recipe for biscuit cake which I can’t wait to share soon. All in all, a fab month for food!

Cookie Stack

The Feelings

January’s always meant to be a bit of a down month with Christmas all over and the reality of going back to work but I haven’t really felt it. I’m really proud of myself for creating a life right now that I’m excited to live and enjoy, something I wrote about earlier in the month. I’ve had some great times with both family and friends and am pleased to note these down to look back on in the future.

I’ve also made a bit of effort with my flat (see here!) and it feels so much nicer and homier that I’m always sad on the busy week’s that I don’t have more time to enjoy it! But it’s nice to be busy and that’s something I’ve really tried to keep up this month: I’ve made extra effort not to spend each weeknight napping on the sofa before bed… Instead I’ve had fully packed weeks. Its crazy how I can look back and say that – I barely recognise myself these days…


What to look forward to in February

I’m hopefully going to Pembrokeshire in Wales this month with some friends for a weekend of walking and cheese eating. I’ve never been to Wales before and I hear Pembrokeshire is beautiful, so I’m really excited!

I hope you have a great February!



6 thoughts on “The Alex Project – January

  1. I’m so glad to hear your honest opinion about black bean brownies! Everyone seems to rave about them. I haven’t tried black bean brownies but I have tried brownies made with avocado in place of the butter. Revolting. Why mess with something that is already perfect?

  2. I really this idea of re-capping moments during the month and linking it to what you’ve included. A good personal touch. I would be proud of the cookie shot too! Glad to have discovered your blog!

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